Single Phase Whole Current Meter

A leading name in the filed of single phase/three phase, static energy meters conforming to-IS and eqiivalent to other internatinal standard.

Make energy meters are ISI marked. Electricity is a most widly used source of energy. Now for the past serveral years. the company is bringing numerous further imporvement us to diversity our activities in most advanced technology to manufacture static(Electronics) energy meter.

Single Phase Multifunction Meter

Type :Single Phase Multifunction Meter

Single phase multifunction meter:- This meter is designed as a versatile device which can replace a set of instrument generally used for measurement of electrical quantities. This meter can measure the true rms voltage, true rms current, Power factor, Load, Maximum demand etc in addition to a high resolution energy. All the instant data is available on MID (Multi Information Display) and a galvanically isolated optical port as per IEC:1107. Meter also provides detailed information of usage history. tamper details and load profile survey data through it′s optical port.

Key Features :

  • 240V+20% to -50% wide working voltage range for Indian environment
  • Class 1 accuracy as per IS: 13779
  • Available in different configuration as 5-20A, 5-30A, 10-40A and 10-60Amp
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Display readable without MAINS power via built-in battery provision
  • Magnetic tamer immunity with event logging feature
  • Real time clock available

Single Phase Counter Meter

Type :Single Phase Counter Meter

This meter provides a low cost solution for better energy measurement. Meter provides an effective resolution of 0.005kWh so that even a small amount of energy will not be left unmetered. Meter is designed around a robust electronic circuitry which is a proven solution in field Conditions over a decade now. The meter is available in different ranges to suit the varying customer demand.

Key Features :

  • 240V+20% to -50% wide working voltage range for Indian environment
  • Single rate Drum register with 5+1 digit display
  • 5A, 10A basic current
  • 20A, 30A, 40A, 60A maximum current
  • Tamper indication LEDs for detection of Earth fault & Reverse power flow
  • Compact light weight design
  • Reduced environmental burden

Single Phase LCD Meter

Type :Single Phase LCD Meter

This meter is designed for a wear & tear free device so as to remove the mechanical part from meter. The USP of the meter is easy readability. This meter displays information on a 6-Digit, Large sized LCD display. Meter also consumes less power because of LCD used. Meter is available in different option with tamper proofing features e.g. Line-Load reversal, Earth fault, Neutral Missing.

Key Features :

  • 240V+20% to -50% wide working voltage range for Indian environment
  • Single phase, 2 wire network
  • 5A, 10A Basic current
  • 20A, 30A, 40A, 60A maximum current
  • High resolution HTN LCD display for better contrast & long life
  • Compact & rugged light weight design
  • High overload current capability
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