Single Pole MCB

SKN-BENTEX GROUP has a leading name in the Indian Electrical market for manufacturing the ultimate & leading protection devices in electrical.

BENTEX-Linger SKNMCB is a product of Jayant Enterprises Group. BENTEX-Linger SKNMCB Design is based on high performance thermal / magnetic current limiting principal, for 10kA breaking capacity for full range of 0.5-100 Amp, 240/415V AC supply for single phase & three phase.

SKN-BENTEX Group is an ISO certified Co. and quality systems are governed by ISO 9001-2000 SKN-BENTEX Group is an advanced technology Miniature Circuit Breaker, specially designed to control and protect all types of Electrical installations such as Domestic, Commercial and Industrial. BENTEX-Linger SKNMCB Safeguards the installations against damage resulting from short circuit fault and circuit overloads and also serves unique dual purpose of both a switch as well as fuse. BENTEX-Linger SKN MCB″S are conforming to IS: 8828-96


We are involved in offering MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breakers can automatically cut off electric power in case of overload and short circuit. These a great device, in which a circuit breaker and trip device are assembled in a mould case, can manually or electrically open and close the electric circuit. Our range is widely popular in the market for their higher performance and reliability.

Features :

  • rated operation voltage: 415 volts ac 50/60 hz
  • rated insulation voltage: 660 volts ac at 40°c
  • utilization category: a
  • humidity: 0-90 %
  • rated burden: 10


reinforced polyester. The housing can withstand high temperature and is impact resistant.


The operating mechanism is so designed as to make it completely safe and dependable. Glass fibre reinforced body of MCB,s is self lubricating to eliminate wear and tear and corrosion. The MCB′s components being light in weight have low inertia thereby ensuring snap make and break. The reliability and ruggedness of the operating mechanism is thus maintained.


MCB consists of a specially designed 12 plates arc chamber for achieving quicker extinguishing of the Arc generated during short circuit up to 10000 Amps.


Contacts are made of silver plating.This provided definite advantages to MCB. Such as low contact resistance reduced voltage drop and reduction in power loss.


MCB′s can be installed on Standard (35mm) DIN Bars by a simple snap action.


25mm2 (box type terminal)


The tripping mechanism of all multipole MCB′s is connected internally. This ensures simultaneous tripping of all poles even if the fault occurs in any one of the phases thus preventing single phasing.

Salient Features :

  • Conforms to latest standards
  • Current limiting design
  • Fire Retardant material
  • Energy saving
  • Shock proof & impact resistant
  • High breaking capacity
  • Quick break & make mechanism
  • Angular vents
  • Superior contact material
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
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