Calcium Octoate Driers (ARC Calcium)

Calcium being an auxiliary drier, has little drying action in itself but is very useful in combination with active driers.

Zirconium is an active cross-linking agent & as such improves hardness of stoved films as well as their adhesions.

Zirconium is not as effective in phenolic resin based media it is recommended as a catalyst for epoxy esters. Use of Lead driers in combination with Zirconium is to be avoided totally.

In vehicles that show poor tolerance for lead, calcium can replace part of the lead with a larger amount of calcium to prevent the precipitation of the lead & maintain drying efficiency. Calcium is often used to replace lead where toxicity of lead must be avoided. Calcium is also useful as pigment wetting & dispersing agents & help to improve hardness & gloss & reduce “Silkiness”. When ground with drier adsorbing pigments, calcium minimizes loss of dry by being preferentially absorbed.

S.No. Products Color Metal Content % (+/- 0.2) Non Volatile at 120°C/Hr (+ / - 5) Specific Gravity at 30°C (+/ - 0.03) Viscosity at 30°C (+ / - 3)
1 CALCIUM OCTOATE (CAS 27253-33-4) COLORLESS 10 52 0.98 14
2 5 50 0.90 20
3 3 50 0.84 12
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